Patton Oswalt Imagines Trump Voters Dying from Coronavirus

Hollywood elitists showed their true colors again. Seems like their top priority is wishing harm to those that don’t agree with their political agenda.

On Tuesday, Comedian-actor Patton Oswalt imagined supporters of President Donald Trump dying from coronavirus.

Oswalt joked on Twitter that “MAGA” supporters infected with COVID-19 would be obsessed with the media’s treatment of President Trump as they coughed themselves to death.

“MAGAt dying from COVID-19: ‘Why did the cough media treat Trump so cough cough unfairly…’,” the Ratatouille star wrote.

Oswalt was replying to a tweet by PoliticusUSA’s Sarah Reese Jones, in which she unsustainably claimed that President Trump has asked Attorney General William Barr to launch a Justice Department investigation into the media’s coverage of the coronavirus.

Vanity Fair’s Gabriel Sherman recently reported that, allegedly, an anonymous White House source told him that President Trump “wants Justice to open investigations of the media for market manipulation.”

This is not the first time Oswalt takes aim on Trump supporters. He has a history of disturbing tweets. In December he labeled Trump voters as “stupid assholes.”

“The President is a stupid asshole and if you voted for him you’re a stupid asshole and if you still support him you’re a stupid asshole,” the Hollywood star tweeted. “Oh no this Tweet is going to make all the stupid assholes not like me waaaaah.”

Disagreeing on political issues is one thing, wishing death to people is a whole new level of hate. Typical liberal intolerance and hypocrisy.

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